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Wellness Concepts-



Cannabis use falls into one of two categories, wellness use or misuse. The difference can be discerned only in the mind of the consumer. When cannabis is ingested with conscious intent to produce a desired effect that brings some value to life, however that person defines it, it is being used for wellness purposes.

That conscious intent could range from stopping a migraine to taking a nap, resolving an argument, going to church, making love or having a good laugh. For a young person or a new adopter the intent could be as simple as exploring the different actions of cannabis. What is important is not the specific effect, what is important is that the consumer is able to honestly identify the value it brings to his or her life.

Image by Taryn Manning


Most misuse of cannabis happens when it is made the sole object of life, instead of being integrated to enhance other activities.


A lifestyle that revolves solely around the use of any substance is not likely to be full, productive or satisfying.  The key to living, is to taking responsibility for your own decisions and staying committed to a full and productive life, not mindless obedience.

In contrast to the prohibitionist model of cannabis use, wellness theory recognizes an infinite variety of options of cannabis use empowering each person to evaluate his or her own consumption and responsible use of cannabis.     

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