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Wellness Concepts-
Responsible Use



This concept is based on the goal to achieve a balanced lifestyle with the cannabis plant to improve ones wellness. For millennia, humanity has valued this multifaceted plant for fiber and rope, as food and medicine, and for its psychoactive properties for religious and recreational use.


In more recent years we have seen changes in law and regulation that allows us to once again experience the benefits of this plant, but some of the concepts surrounding the potentially therapeutic properties of cannabis are still tied to its elicit past and history of misuse. To promote a balanced relationship with this plant and differentiate from these past concepts a “Responsible Use” approach is needed.

Image by Anton Mislawsky

First step In this Approach:

Ask yourself a few key questions...

There are three questions to ask when using cannabis for wellness:

  1. What effect am I seeking from cannabis at this time?

  2. How will that effect bring value to my life?

  3. Will my cannabis use at this time negatively impact me or anybody else?


If a specific effect or positive value can’t be identified, it might be a good idea to refrain from using cannabis until a better reason comes to mind. Additional research, more thought or just a different perspective might reveal some overlooked benefits or it might not. Like with all human activity, a final check should always be made to ensure that nobody will be harmed or annoyed by the method or circumstances of ingestion.


Next Step


Once these important questions are answered one can now decide on the best route of administration...



Ingestibles like tinctures are herbal extracts or infused-oils that can be taken both orally (by mouth under the tongue) or added to a favorite drink and can be applied topically (on the skin). Easy to dose through the use of a measured dropper.

Vape Batt


Vaporization is quickly becoming a popular method of consumption due to the various advantages it has over smoking, such as: all the benefits and effects as cannabis without the harms of smoking. Less is more.



Edibles or gummies are made to be chewy and sweet, just like a gumdrop but with all the benefits of a natural extract from the hemp plant. Easy to take anywhere you go.

SET and Setting

The key to the "Responsible" approach is a method of self-titration; meaning a method of determining the smallest concentration or amount of consumable used to bring about a desired effect. This is due to the fact that cannabis and its cannabinoids effect everyone differently in different conditions (set) and environments (setting).


To achieve a better understanding, it is important to try the new products, first, in the comfort of your own home or another comfortable location and at the lowest suggested dosage described on the package. Allow adequate time for the consumable to take effect (an associate can explain the onset times of each product) to determine if a higher or lower dose is needed. Do not drive or operate machinery while learning the effects. Maintain this dose for a few days to gain an understanding of the product and how your individual body works synergistically with it. 


At this point you should be able to make a more educated decision on whether this is the right fit for you and your goals.

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