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1st Place - High Times Hemp Cup 2022 award winner!


Delta 8 THC Edibles

"For those who wish to enjoy a mild psychoactive experience that could help reduce anxiety and provide potential pain relief."


Smooth, Chewy, Delicious! Three words to perfectly describe this caramel. Caramel making is an art, and we provide a little extra special treatment to each batch of caramels for the best results. This is because each batch is infused only when the chef sees the recipe has developed full flavor and the premium color we want, which is a bronzed amber. This recipe is made with genuine ingredients that rely on only caramelized sugar and dairy. Enjoy the sweet flavors of this handcrafted Delta-8 caramel!


  • Hemp-Derived ∆ 8 THC 


Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Corn Syrup, Unsalted Butter, Heavy Cream, Vanilla Extract, Kosher Salt, Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC.


  • Serving Size: 1/2 caramel
  • Directions: Use twice daily, or as needed.
    • Wait 2 hours for full effect before eating additional caramel.
  • Storage: Store at 20 - 25 °C (68 - 77°F)

DERIVED ™ - Sea Salt Caramel 25mg - *Delta 8* -

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